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FAQs - Frequently asked questions

University sports provide a service for all members of the University. Every semester we plan a wide range of courses, sport activities and events for students and employees - also of the partner universities in Berlin.

Our aim is to offer an extensive program of courses, sport trips, competitions and workshops to improve your skills and to get you in contact with other students. One of the main objectives of the University Sports service is to provide special opportunities for international students and to develop an open and inclusive culture environment to favor the intercultural exchange among students of any nationality at the Freie Universität.

Get a look on our website and choose your sport. We also offer courses in english - please take a look in the programm for special offers.

With a bank account within the Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA) it is possible to book the courses online.

If you have a bank account from other countries please contact us. Please send us an email info@hochschulsport.fu-berlin.de with the following content: Your name, Course number(s), Address and Matriculation number (if present). We will book the course(s) for you and send you an invoice by mail.

Any question? You can get in touch with us as well by phone - 0049 (0)30 838 53320 - or by mail - info@hochschulsport.fu-berlin.de

The university sport of the Free University of Berlin offers approx. 800 individual events in approx. 100 types of sport per semester.These events and courses can be booked by students, staff and external persons.The offers of the university sports are chargeable and serve the popular sport activity, the health maintenance, the competition at the university level as well as the social and intercultural exchange between all participant groups.

In principle, all members, i.e. students, trainees, employees and scientists of the cooperating universities are entitled to participate in the advertised sports activities after registering. A current list of the cooperating universities can be found in the General Terms and Conditions (Item II., Paragraph 1).

In order to optimally utilize free capacities in terms of overall financing, additional users can register for the sports offer at different conditions. You can find more information on this in the terms and conditions.


The courses are offered in four pay groups.The amount of the remuneration to be paid is determined by the affiliation to the remuneration groups.You can find more information on this in the terms and conditions.

The sports offers of the university sports can generally only be booked online.You register for an offer of your choice using the university sports booking system at Freie Universität. To do this, enter the required data into the system and confirm the acceptance of the terms and conditions by ticking the corresponding field. Providing an email address is voluntary.Please note, however, that we can only send short-term notifications by email and that you may not be available. The amount for the selected offer will be collected via direct debit in accordance with the SEPA guidelines. With the booking you accept this payment method and give us your consent for the direct debit procedure.

Please send us an email info@hochschulsport.fu-berlin.de with the following content:

  • Your name
  • Course number(s)
  • Address
  • Matriculation number (if present)

We will book the course(s) for you and send you an invoice by mail.

ZEH processes the personal data of the participants only to the extent necessary for the respective contract and in compliance with data protection regulations.

Students of the cooperating universities (see GTC Item II 1) who have properly registered for university sports are insured for sports accidents in the officially attended courses in the context of university sports via the Unfallkasse Berlin. The legal basis of this insurance protection is the Social Security Code VII. In the event of an accident, however, the Unfallkasse Berlin is in any case obliged to bring about a decision on a case-by-case basis after carefully examining the facts.

There is no accident protection from the Unfallkasse Berlin for competitive sports events and sports trips. The ZEH therefore recommends that you take out suitable insurance yourself. There is also no insurance cover from the Unfallkasse Berlin in the event of sports accidents in the context of sports offers that are not carried out by ZEH on its own responsibility, but only mediated by it.

Employees are insured through the Unfallkasse Berlin under certain conditions (see General Terms and Conditions point X).

For other university members and other participants in university sports, there is no insurance cover through the statutory accident insurance. Unregistered students are also not insured

All sports accidents in the course of the Freie Universität Berlin must be reported immediately to the ZEH office, Tel. 838 53 320 (accident report under Downloads).

Further information about the statutory accident insurance is available from: Unfallkasse Berlin, Culemeyerstr. 2, 12277 Berlin, phone: (030) 76 24 0.

In various sports it is possible to borrow sports equipment against payment of a deposit. Borrowing is only possible if a corresponding course has been booked during the borrowing period.

If the rental contingent is exhausted or no more suitable sports equipment is available, this does not entitle you to withdraw from the course or to claim a refund of the course fee. The loan and the deposit payment are made exclusively through the ZEH office. The maximum loan period per person is 2 semesters.

The confirmation of participation is displayed as an HTML page - i.e. a website. This format can be saved, printed out and sent on any computer and does not require any additional software. If you no longer have the confirmation, please contact the ZEH office. This will send you a new confirmation of participation as a PDF.

If the direct debit is not redeemed through objection, incorrectly provided bank details or insufficient funds in the account, the name and address of the participant may be used by ZEH so that a payment claim can be asserted. By participating in the ELV, the participant also declares his / her consent that, in the event of non-redemption, this fact will be recorded in a lock file. The blocking will be lifted as soon as the fee for the booked event and the bank fees invoiced to ZEH (currently between € 5.11 and € 10.11) have been paid. These fees are automatically added to the due fee. It is up to you to prove that ZEH has suffered less damage or no damage at all.

The calculation of the courses is based on a minimum number of participants, which is necessary for the implementation. If this number is not reached, but an organizational and content-related implementation of the course still makes sense, the course may be carried out with a reduction in the number of course dates, if this is appropriate. A right to a reimbursement of a proportionate course fee cannot be justified. The course fee justifies - unless expressly stated otherwise, e.g. B. in horse riding and tennis - no entitlement to a certain number of course dates. The number of course dates is usually based on the given framework conditions (e.g. lecture time, school holidays in municipal sports facilities, etc.).

A reimbursement or partial reimbursement will be made by ZEH in cases in which the non-implementation or non-continuation of a course is the responsibility or the decision of ZEH (e.g. cancellation of a course due to insufficient number of participants).

Withdrawal from the booked offer is generally not possible. Separate regulations apply to competition events.

A change of course is basically possible to apply in writing and is subject to the final decision of the ZEH. In this case, underpayments will be settled cashlessly. Payments will not be refunded. A processing fee of € 5.00 is charged for changing courses.

Withdrawal from the contract due to illness / injury is only possible upon presentation of a corresponding medical certificate. This must be submitted to ZEH within 14 days of the onset of the illness. The withdrawal must also be declared to ZEH in writing within 14 days of the onset of the illness. The decisive factor is the receipt of the declaration of withdrawal and the medical certificate at the ZEH office. At the time of the onset of the illness, at least 50% of the dates offered must still be outstanding for the course concerned. Only then can a partial remittance be made. In the event of a reimbursement, a processing fee of € 5.00 will be deducted.

For courses from external providers that are only mediated by ZEH, the corresponding withdrawal regulations in the provider's terms and conditions apply. In the event of resignation or cancellation of any kind (including illness / injury), the external provider must also be demonstrably informed.

This circumstance is a personal decision and does not justify a claim for reimbursement.

If you didn`t find an anwer to your question, please refer to our office of the Uni-sports of the Freien Universität Berlin under info@hochschulsport.fu-berlin.de