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Student health

Bewegungsförderung im Uni-Alltag

Bewegungsförderung im Uni-Alltag

Techniker Krankenkasse

Techniker Krankenkasse

Bewegungsempfehlung WHO- Erwachsene

Bewegungsempfehlung WHO- Erwachsene
Image Credit: Fonds Gesundes Österreich

move4health - Promotion of physical activity in everyday university life

Everyday life at the university is increasingly characterized by long periods of sitting in lectures and / or self-study. There is often little time left for exercise in everyday life. The health consequences of a sedentary lifestyle are serious.

Together with the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), the University Sports of the Free University of Berlin has launched a project to promote physical activity, in which low-threshold exercise offers are integrated directly into the everyday life of the students.

With the measures that have been implemented since the summer semester 2019, we want to counteract the lack of exercise among students in addition to the classic university sports courses and create exercise opportunities directly on campus.

Measure 1: Studi-Pausenexpress (active break)

Similar to the break express for employees, there will be an active break in selected courses directly in the lecture hall, with low-threshold movements and fun being the foreground.
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Measure 2: Spielemobil (game rental)

With the Spielemobil we bring games, fun and movement directly to you on campus in the summer semester. We provide our diverse equipment free of charge!
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Our Motivation?

Very simple and simple: the health of the students and their enthusiasm for a health-oriented lifestyle.

With our low-threshold offers, we want to encourage students to become more physically active with little effort (no registration, no additional route, no complicated regulations, no sportswear).
The basis for the considerations is the University Health Report (UHR), which is carried out regularly at the Free University of Berlin and examines the health of students. Within the working group “Health in Studies”, among other things, the goal of promoting physical activity was formulated together with students. That is why the sub-working group "Physical Activity" was set up under the leadership of the University Sports.

Your Chance to participate!

The participation of students is absolutely desirable. If you have ideas or suggestions for more movement on your campus, want to implement activities with us as a trainer or organizer and want to be part of the project, then please get in touch with the contact person below. We look forward to you!

Already knew?

Your commitment to health pays off. University sports courses and events are part of many bonus programs of the statutory health insurance companies (e.g. Techniker Krankenkasse). Proof of regular participation is required for crediting or reimbursement. We provide a corresponding form under Downloads.
The "digital participation" in our UniSport @ HOME courses can also be confirmed and credited.

Contact person

Janine Krüger

janine.krueger@fu-berlin.de | 030-838 63845

Press releases (german)

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