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Health sport

Gesundheitskompetenzen stärken

Gesundheitskompetenzen stärken
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Everyday work with predominantly sedentary activity offers fewer and fewer movement stimuli. Therefore, university sports have the special task of making suitable offers to compensate for incorrect stresses caused by everyday motor skills.

“Sport is murder”(German proverb) has long since been refuted. On the contrary - sport can even change the genetic make-up in a positive way. See more advantages here: Video “Wunderwaffe Sport” (Focus Online, November 29, 2014).

Typical health sports that can also be found in the university sports program at Freie Universität are, for example, relaxation courses, Pilates, Tai Chi, QiGong, spinal exercises and the various forms of yoga. However, beyond the "classic health-promoting" offers, university sports offer far more opportunities to exercise, which serve the goal of "promoting health in the living and working environment of the university".

With this offer, the university sports program at Freie Universität Berlin aims to strengthen users' health resources and improve their own health skills, taking social disadvantage into account.

Participation in university sports activities is not part of the working hours

Bonus programs of the health insurance companies

Many health insurances (e.g. Techniker Krankenkasse, AOK, Barmer) reimburse or subsidize participation in courses or events of university sports. Proof of regular participation is required for crediting or reimbursement. We provide a corresponding form under Downloads.

Prevention courses

Individual courses in the health sector are recognized according to § 20 SGB V and can be subsidized by health insurance. The courses concerned are marked accordingly. Since these offers are subject to certain formalities (including certification of the course instructors, course concept, course scope), we are unfortunately only able to offer a few courses.

Reimbursement options for employees of the Free University of Berlin

If the health insurance company does not reimburse the course fees or only partially reimburses them in spite of proven regular attendance, Freie Universität can cover the costs of up to two courses per year in full or in part for employees of the FU upon request. Further information under health promotion program.

Additional information

- The FU Berlin is a member of the nationwide AGH (working group of health promoting universities) and tries to take up relevant topics and implement them in university sports

- The Free University of Berlin is a member of the State Association for Health and Academy for Social Medicine Lower Saxony e.V. (LVG and AFS) with the aim of contributing to improving the health equality of the population.



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