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Rental and material lending

Trendsport Stand-Up-Paddling

Trendsport Stand-Up-Paddling
Image Credit: ZE Hochschulsport FU Berlin

The new water sports season is expected to start from April 19, 2022! No rentals are possible before that.

The water sports equipment of the Water Sports Center (WSZ) of the Central Institution for University Sports (ZEH) of Freie Universität Berlin can be rented by all holders of a corresponding loan authorization. These can be acquired through appropriate training (see Acquiring a License and Authorization at the Aquatic Sports Center).

All renters need a user card (day or season ticket).

Within the rental periods it is possible to rent all canoes and rowing boats except for the training material for the period of maximum 5 hours. Stand-up paddling and windsurfing boards can be rented for a maximum of 2.5 hours per day when no training is taking place. SUP rentals are limited to one renter per board.

All sailboats except the training boats can be rented within the rental period for the period of maximum 5 hours and the Catamarans & the Laser Radial can be rented per day for maximum 3 hours.

Reservation of boats and boards is generally not possible.

The rental rules for canoes, rowing boats, windsurfing, stand-up paddling and sailboats must be observed!

Here you will also find further information such as rental times, characteristics of the boat types, necessary qualifications and important usage regulations.

The following material is available for renting:

  • Necky Amaruk
  • Prijon Excursion
  • Necky Alsek
  • Lettmann Infinity
  • Prijon Capri
  • Prijon CL 430
  • Prijon Invader
  • Tornado
  • Gattino
  • Kirton 1er
  • Kanadier Klinkerboot Love
  • Kanadier Old Town Penobscot 164


  • Skiffs
  • 2-/2
  • 1x-Gig
  • 2x+ Gig Mannschaftsboot
  • 2x-Gig Mannschaftsboot
  • 2x-, 3x Gig Mannschaftsboot
  • 4 x+ Gig Mannschaftsboot
  • 8 x+ Gig Mannschaftsboot


  • RS Vision
  • RS Quest (neu!)
  • Uni-Jolle
  • Lis-Jolle
  • XY-Jolle
  • Laser Radial (Fortgeschrittenen-Berechtig.)
  • Topcat K1/ K2 (Fortgeschrittenen-Berechtig.)
  • Laser Stratos (Fortgeschrittenen-Berechtig.)


  • BIC 11’6 ACE-TEC SUP Wind 2.0
  • Adventure Allround 11'5 - Inflattable


  • Revo 335
  • Primo
  • Wide
  • Style
  • Maxx 2