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Sport boat license

Praxisausbildung Motorboot

Praxisausbildung Motorboot
Image Credit: UniSport

The Sport Boat License (SBF) is the official driving license for driving sport boats on the inland waterways and the maritime waterways. For Berlin, the SBF Binnen is required to drive sports boats under sail (sailboats from 3m² sail area) and motorboats from 15 hp.

The sport boat license is divided into the areas of validity inland or sea as well as the propulsion engine (motor) and sail. For the sport boat inland sailing training, a practical basic course sailing and the theory SBF Binnen must be completed. For the sport boat inland motorboat training at least four practical hours on the FU motorboats and the theory SBF Binnen must be perceived.

The sport boat license sea is necessary for the area of application coastal waters, 3 nautical miles from the coast (e.g. Baltic Sea). The SBF See license includes only motorboat driving, no sailboat!
For the training at least four single hours on the FU motorboats and the theory SBF See must be perceived.

On this page you will find an overview of our course offers, information about the exams and the exam registration as well as further links.

If you have any questions about the examinations, please contact the examination board directly. General questions about the preparation for the exams will be answered by the colleagues of the Wassersportzentrum or Per Salzwedel.

Our course offers

1. Sailing praxis

The sailing basic training includes 10 dates á 5 hours practical training, see training contents.

For admission to the SBF inland examination, 80% attendance of the basic courses is required. If you have attended less than eight dates, you may be excluded from the practical examination.

> for registration: Sailing - Basic course SBF Binnen (only in summer)

2. Motorboat praxis

For the motorboat training at least four practice sessions á one single lesson (60 min.) have to be booked at UniSport.

> for registration: Motorboat sport boat license (only in summer)

The practical training on the FU motorboats is a prerequisite for admission to the practical examination.
Practical training from other water sports schools will not be accepted!
A maximum of two participants can be trained per date!

> to the registration: Sport boat license - exam registration

3. Theory

Information about the exams

All sports boat license exams are carried out and approved by the Berlin Examination Board.

The exam consists of a theory and practice exam (for details, see exam content).

No more than 12 months must pass from the first exam date to the end of the exam, regardless of which part (theory or practice) was completed first! When booking the course, please take the necessary catch-up dates into account.

The number of places for the exams is limited. Normally all interested parties can take part. For the exams in July, the demand is sometimes greater than the capacity. If it is no longer possible to register in the online registration list, please enter it on the waiting list or select a later date and inform the Berlin Examination Committee in writing.

Examination dates theory

The sport boat driving license theory exams inland and sea can currently only be taken directly at the Berlin Examination Board, please book an appointment online in advance.

Practice exam dates

The exams take place in the water sports center of the Free University of Berlin, bathing path 3, 14129 Berlin.

The sailboats must be cleared to sail by the test participants independently before the start of the test, so please be at the water sports center approx. 30 minutes before the respective appointment!

The sport boat driving license exams inland and sea can be taken on the following dates:

• The exam dates for 2022 have not yet been set

The exam preparation dates repeat all exam-relevant sailing maneuvers on the FU boats. A completed basic sailing course is a prerequisite for booking. (only in the summer semester)

Registration modalities

Registration for the examination and submission of the examination documents takes place by post directly to:

Examination Board Berlin, Gartenfelderstr. 29-37 | 13599 Berlin.

In order to register for the exam, the complete exam documents must be submitted to the Berlin Examination Board and they must be entered in the UniSport exam registration lists (online exam registration). Exam registrations must be made at least two weeks before the exam date. A later registration is not possible!

Please specify the exam dates and the location: FU-Berlin / Wassersportzentrum. If a part is to be completed later, then you have exactly 12 months.

Then the first part of the exam expires and the exam may have to be taken from scratch.

A repeat exam (e.g. if you fail) can take place at short notice after the appointment has been agreed with the Berlin Examination Committee and the re-examination fee has been transferred!

UDocuments for exam registration
  • Application for admission, see Examination Committee Berlin.

  • Original of the medical certificate, see Examination Committee Berlin
  • unauthorized photocopy of the driver's license; if not available, a police clearance certificate for authorities according to sample "0" must be applied for
  • Photo (35 x 45 mm, half profile without headgear, label back with name and address)
  • Copy of proof of payment of the examination fee (transfer receipt)

    For more information, see the information sheet on the Berlin Examination Committee for applicants.

Exam fees

The amount of the examination fee depends on the type of examination:

  • SBF inland sails and engine (engine): € 124.84

  • SBF inland only sails: € 98.09

  • SBF inland only motor (prime mover): € 100.23

  • SBF See: € 110.93

The fees include the theory and practice exam, see Examination Board Berlin. The examination fees must be transferred to the PA Berlin account.

Recipient: DSV-Verlag PA Berlin

IBAN: DE98 1007 0000 0623 3423 00


Purpose: Name, date of birth and type of examination (SBF inland or sea)

Physical examination

The examination can be carried out by any general practitioner or general practitioner, please ask about the costs in advance. Please bring the printed certificate with you to the previously set course date.

As part of the theoretical training, we offer an examination on certain dates for € 20 per person. In individual cases, an individual appointment with Dr. Tabert, Tel .: 030 83227793.

Criminal record

If you do not have a valid driver's license, then you must apply for a police clearance certificate "Muster 0" at the Citizens' Registration Office. When registering for the exam, the certificate or receipt of payment for the certificate will be sent.

Attention ! The certificate of good conduct can be sent directly to the Berlin Examination Committee for short-term applications in order to minimize waiting times!

Deregistration from the exam

Cancellations are to be sent in writing with justification to the examination committee Berlin of the German Sailing Association c / o Markus Thromka, Gartenfelder Straße 29-37, 13599 Berlin. If you are absent from an exam for no reason, there are additional costs.