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Training offers

Current Information We are also open for You during the semester break!

For employees of the Freie Universität, the UniFit offer is part of the health promotion program of the Freie Universität Berlin and can be reimbursed through the FUndament Gesundheit.

Training in the UniFit

Open training at the UniFit fitness studio can be used for different terms. Interested parties can choose between a period of use of one month, three, six or twelve months. The membership is extremely customer-oriented: no registration fees and no automatic contract renewal with follow-up costs.
The prerequisite for access to the free training is the completion of an introductory appointment, a short briefing or a training plan.

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Introductory appointment at UniFit (without previous experience)

This appointment for the use of the UniFit for free training is aimed at (re-)beginners who have had little or no experience with weight machines and training in the gym. In a small group of up to three people, an insight into the use of the UniFit and the equipment as well as tips for independent training are given. Together with the trainer, equipment and options are explained and tried out. The appointment lasts about one hour.

Booking of introductory appointments here!

Short introductory appointment at UniFit (with previous experience)

The introductory appointment is intended for experienced* athletes who are familiar with training in the gym and/or are already following their own training plan. During the short introductory session, the structure of the studio, the equipment and the house rules will be explained. Possible questions can also be clarified. The appointment lasts about 15 minutes. However, if you wish or if required, experienced persons are also welcome to make use of the possibility of a training plan at any time.

*Training experience of at least one year of regular training in the gym is a prerequisite.

Booking of short introductory appointments here!

Training planning at UniFit

Training planning is available for every (new) member to be able to use the UniFit for free training afterwards. Experienced new members can get access to free training through a one-time instruction session (approx. 15 min) even without training planning. Those who do not want/need a training plan but would like to have a more detailed impression of training in the gym can also book an introductory appointment (approx. one hour).

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trainer, in the training plan the training content is geared to your individual training goals. After an initial assessment, the trainer will draw up an individual training plan on request, which can also be adapted again and again during ongoing training. Beginners are taught individually suitable exercises on weight machines, with their own body weight and/or with small equipment. Experienced exercisers can have their technique checked or get to know and try out new training methods and equipment.

At the time of the appointment, a booking must already have been made for a period of use.

Registration for a training schedule appointment takes place on site or by telephone.

Trial training at UniFit

During our trial training you can get a non-binding impression of our UniFit. A short guided tour of the UniFit gives you an overview of the equipment available. The team of trainers will provide comprehensive information about the training options and modalities and will also be happy to demonstrate one or two exercises in practice.

You can register for a trial training session on site or by telephone.

Workshops in the UniFit

The UniFit offers its members as well as non-members the possibility to participate in special and practical workshops. In these workshops, both theoretical and practical knowledge is imparted, tried out for oneself and at the same time is intended to offer suggestions for one's own training design.

No offers at the moment

Note: Workshops on Olympic weightlifting and meditation are planned for the summer semester. Information will follow.