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Group offers

Gemeinsame Sache(n) machen

Gemeinsame Sache(n) machen
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Sports activities offer a unique opportunity to come into contact with other people, to exchange ideas, to encounter one another on a “different level” and to “discover new sides” in oneself and in others.
The central facility for university sports and the Dahlem staff council want to enable the FU employees to use the positive effects of activity, movement and relaxation in order to improve the cohesion of the employees, to promote communication among each other, to have fun together and thus to motivate employees as well ultimately to strengthen the identification with the Free University of Berlin. The happily reintroduced company outing is ideal for this purpose (see FU circular V 10/2016 of November 7, 2016).


If you are interested in a group activity, please get in touch with the following contact persons at the Dahlem staff council or the university sports center with the following information:
1. Reason / motivation for the activity
2. Approximate number of people
3. Desired sport (s)
4. Time frame (duration)
5. Desired period (month, day of the week, etc.)

After receiving the request, we will contact you and work out a specific concept together that is tailored to your needs and requirements. In an initial pilot phase we will only be able to support a limited selection of group activities.

Team events & group activities

• exclusively for FU employees
• Advice and selection of suitable sports by the central university sports facility and the Dahlem staff council
• Convivial conclusion possible
• Linking sporting activities with team discussions, meetings or meetings

Possible goals
- Increase in motivation and identification
- Improving communication among each other
- Promoting social skills and improving relationships between team members
- "Commit" to new plans / projects
- Integration of new employees
- “Reward” for special achievements

Ideas for sports
Paddling, rowing, sailing, archery, climbing, dancing, small games, cross-boccia, round table tennis tournaments, etc.

Support in cases of conflict and problems

• Team or small group with existing conflicts or problems
• Recommendation / proposal by the Dahlem staff council or other organizational units
• Selection of the activity after coordination between the Dahlem staff council and the university sports center
• Support in conflict / problem solving
• Carrying out sporting activities with a specific objective

Possible goals
- Improving the relationship between the conflicting parties
- Strengthening self-esteem
- Perception of strengths and weaknesses of the counterpart
- Encounter on a "different level"

Potential activities
Climbing, archery, fencing, paddling, sailing, high ropes course, martial arts, horse riding, etc.


The amount of the costs depends on the desired activity, duration as well as organizational and support effort.
The participants usually bear the costs themselves. Payment is processed in consultation with the central university sports facility. A limited number of central funds can be applied for for activities in conflict situations or for solving problems.

Contact person

Central university sports facility
Christian Mundhenk
Mail: info@hochschulsport.fu-berlin.de
Phone: 030-838-59334