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In university sports, inclusion means that basically anyone can take part - regardless of how you look, what language you speak or what kind of impairment you have. The focus is on values such as self-determination, fairness and respect when working together.

We always try to create offers that are accessible to everyone in order to meet the most diverse physical and psychological requirements. Our trainers / course leaders are sensitized to this topic. Nevertheless, with the (largely municipal) sports infrastructure and other framework conditions in university sports, we repeatedly come up against the limits of implementation. As a public sports provider, we therefore see it as our duty to work on these limits and to encourage continuous improvement of the framework conditions.

Depending on the individual options and specific course requirements, all people with disabilities are welcome in any of our sports courses!

Via our network in the area of inclusion, we also repeatedly refer to various offers that enable special inclusion experiences.

Inklusive sports offers

Here you will find a list of current inclusive sports offers from external network and cooperation partners:


For more information about our sports facilities on offer, you will receive a helpful insight into accessibility. Barrier-free access is possible in the following sports facilities.

The further information on our sports facilities on offer provides you with a helpful insight into accessibility.

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