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University sports are a meeting place and can make a major contribution to internationalization at the Free University of Berlin. It offers an easily accessible platform for exchange that simplifies integration into university life for international students, who now make up a large proportion of the students at Freie Universität, or employees.

Internationalization measures

  • Each semester there is a selection of courses from different sports areas that are taught in English or have an international aspect.
  • Most sports courses have already been translated into English (click on the flag in the course offer).
  • The manual for trainers and forms for participants are also written in English.

International sports courses

Regardless of whether you come from another country or another culture - we offer a wide range of courses that are taught in a foreign language (e.g. declared with "EN") or with an intercultural aspect. Here you can find a list of the international sports courses (Stand: 22.10.2021):

Contact person

Olivia Mahling: olivia.mahling@fu-berlin.de I +49-(0)30-838 58291