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Educational Course (ECTS) „Project Management“


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In addition to the core task of realizing exercise programs for all members of the university, university sports are part of the interdisciplinary educational offer within the framework of a university course. The sport itself and the organization of the offer offer numerous educational opportunities to acquire special qualifications. Some universities are already working successfully to integrate the ECTS system into university sports as a “competence center for key qualifications”.
 The Free University of Berlin has also decided to face this challenge and to gradually implement the system in university sports. Since the 2016/2017 winter semester, university sports have been offering a course with the title: "Basics of event management using the example of sports events". As a module, this course is part of the LBW-GS (study and examination regulations for the teaching profession-related vocational studies for elementary schools).
 The subject areas of service management, health management and event management provide the basis for a theory-practice transfer beyond the subject-specific content of the courses.

Contact Person

Lutz Nichelmann
Telefon: +49-(0)30-838 67352
E-Mail: lutz.nichelmann@fu-berlin.de