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Pausenexpress (active break)

Aktive Pause am Arbeitsplatz

Aktive Pause am Arbeitsplatz
Image Credit: UniSport


Image Credit: Allgemeiner Deutscher Hochschulsportverband


The Pausenexpress @ HOME starts digitally and in presence during the summer time.

Der Pausenexpress @ HOME wird diesen Sommer 2022 sowohl digital als auch in Präsenz stattfinden.

We are very pleased that we will be starting again with the "original" Pausenexpress and moving interested FU employees in small groups of 4-8 people on the FU campus.

Pausenexpress @ HOME summer 2022 / 19.04.2022-23.10.2022 / registration Here!

Pausenexpress summer (presence) 2022 / 02.05. - 22.07.2022 / Infos and registration Here!

The Pausenexpress keeps you fit - even in winter. The active break for at home or the office gets you going twice a day (morning and afternoon) and prevents tension in the neck, shoulder or back area.

Registration is possible at any time and the best part: Everyone can take part. If you are on the list and leave your email, you will receive up to 30 minutes. the Webex link will be sent to you before the course starts. So, quickly let the family, a few friends and the neighbors know and meet virtually together for an exercise break! Don't worry, the cameras are on, only the trainer can be seen. ;-)

Pausenexpress at the Freie Universität Berlin

The Pausenexpress (PEX) is an active break at work for employees of Freie Universität Berlin. An experienced PEX trainer comes directly to your workplace at the booked time and offers a 15-minute short program of mobilization, strengthening, stretching and relaxation for small groups of 4-8 people a week. The Pausenexpress has enjoyed a steadily growing number of participants since 2013 and currently moves an average of over 400 employees per week. The focus of the exercises is on the shoulder, neck and back area in order to counteract sedentary and sedentary office work without changing clothes. This health-oriented course offer is offered twice a year for approx. 15 weeks by UniSport and offers the opportunity to get active, forget everyday work and then go back to work full of energy.

The break express is supported by the university management and is a free offer of university sports.

Pausenexpress @ HOME

Due to the current situation, we offer you the Pausenexpress ONLINE - We bring the active break to your home office. Because most of the time people sit at home too, often even at the (unergonomic) dining table. Every day on weekdays, 15-minute online PEX units with different trainers are offered in the mornings and afternoons. After registration you will receive 30min. an email with the access link before the course starts. Register once - participate 10x / week. Join in and get your body going - even at home. Even the whole family can take part.

Tense neck? Tingling mouse fingers? Burning eyes? Then just register and get started ...

The Dahlem and Steglitz campuses have now been divided into different, color-coded areas (orange, blue, green, red). When the team has found their own location with the corresponding color, the team leader * books in a time allocated for the color. The courses at the locations in Lankwitz, Düppel and the Charité are highlighted by name. You can find the PEX site plan here: HERE!


The break express is an offer of the FU for its employees, even if the participation takes place outside of working hours and is voluntary. In the event of an accident, the employees are insured through the FU Berlin (work / work accident), but we would like to point out that the decision lies with the person responsible for the accident.

Bonus booklet health insurance

The break express is neither part of company sport nor is it a prevention course (recognized according to §20 SGB V). We can only confirm that you have actively participated in a sports course on a regular basis. We provide a corresponding form under Downloads.

more than Pausenexpress...

  • 15 minutes is not enough? The university sports program also offers 60-minute courses, which are intended to counteract the stresses of everyday office life. Registration under After Work-Fitness (easy) in Lankwitz or Pausenexpress (Power) in Dahlem and Lankwitz - currently not available!
  • "Man, move yourself - the game at break" - If you want to stay active during the break express-free time, you can request the specially developed game of university sports by email!