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Beginners’ courses will impart the basic elements of windsurfing, techniques, rights of way on the water, theory, knowledge of material, and a lot of fun on the water. Length of courses is 3 exercises at 4 hours each and in addition 3 theory exercises at 2 hours each for the VDWS basic license.

Individual training will be offered to improve basic and advanced techniques. Prerequisite are the completion of a beginners’ course and command of the basic techniques of surfing. Subsequent to the course, you will be fit to pass the examination for the basic license in windsurfing. Length of the course: 2 exercises at 3 hours each.

In structural courses the chance for individual training to improve techniques will be given and new maneuvers can be learned. A course to prepare for the examination (VDWS basic license) can be offered. Length of course: 2 exercises at 3 hours each.

Neoprene suits will be available for all participants in windsurfing courses. All participants are requested to bring along waterproof shoes. After completing the course and passing the examination for the basic windsurfing license, the authorization to lend equipment will be given.

The examination for the VDWS windsurfing license is an optional examination, which subsequently entitles holders to lend surfing equipment at VDWS aquatic sport schools all over Europe. To prepare for the course and the theory examination a „workbook windsurfing” will be handed out, which contains all subject matters and fundamentals for windsurfing sport and the examination. This examination is liable to pay costs and can be passed on fixed dates at the Aquatic Sports Center.

The introduction dates are meant for all interested surfers, who had made their basic training at another aquatic sports school and are in possession of a VDWS basic license. Introduction is prerequisite for the independent use of windsurfing equipment. After completing introduction and the demonstration of basic techniques, the participant will receive the authorization to lend windsurfing equipment. This authorization in connection with a users’ card (1-day, 5-times and/or 10-times card) entitles the participant to put off on the Wannsee Lake.

The rental of windsurfing equipment will be possible after completion of the course and/or VDWS license with introduction.