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Stand-Up-Paddling (SUP)

Stand-Up Paddling is a new and trendy type of sport from the US, whereby locomotion will be made by paddling while standing upright on a special surf board. Subsequent to a short period of training, SUP can be done individually for ambitious training or relaxing excursions.

This trendy type of sport can be practiced by children and adults as well and serves the training of balance. At the same time fitness will be improved by paddling. This is aquatic sport on the best place, the Wannsee Lake. Have lots of fun while paddling!

Beginners’ courses will impart basic elements of paddling and introduction to equipment and boathouse regulations. You will learn to steer and move the surf board in a safe manner. SUP is an integral endurance training relating to health with much fun on the water.

After four hours of training already you will have firm command of the board and will enjoy floating on the water. In cold weather conditions neoprene suits will be offered by us free of charge.