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Beginner courses skiff and team boat impart basic elements of rowing. You will learn the safe boarding and getting out of the boat, moving forward and backward, steering, water way regulations, and endurance training during rowing tours. The length of the course comprises 10 exercises at three hours each.

After completing the skiff course for beginners the authority for individual lending of boats will be given. For the individual use of team boats at least beginner courses I and II in team boat rowing must be successfully completed.

Advanced courses in skiff offer the improvement of basic elements and advanced techniques. The participation in the skiff beginners’ course is prerequisite. During courses method analysis will be conducted. Length of the course: 10 exercises at three hours each. The beginning of courses is planned for the holiday season.

Refresher courses are offering the renewal of knowledge and individual training for technical advancement. Length of courses: 2 six-hour exercises.

Introduction dates are conceived for all interested rowers with previous experience, who had performed basic training at a club or any other school. Introduction is precondition for the individual use of sport material for rowing. After a successful completion of introduction courses and demonstration of basic techniques, an authorization for lending rowing equipment will be given. Please contact Per Salzwedel for scheduling times.

Users cards (days, five-times, 10-times or season card) and lending authorization are required to put off to sea.

For lending rowboats different skiffs will be at your disposal. For further information please contact the responsible Person at UniSport.