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Motor Boat

Practical training with driving engines is prerequisite for being admitted to the examination for acquiring the sport boat license for inland and sea boat navigation, whereby basic elements of boat steering and seamanship will be taught such as handling lines and mooring equipment, landing and departing, forward and backward moving, stopping in accordance to the course, buoy overboard maneuver, and turning in narrow spaces.  

Sport boat licence training also requires at least 3 individual exercises (at 60 minutes each) at the Aquatic Sports Center of the Free University. Training will always be passed with two students and one coach. Dates for training should be scheduled at varying times in order to be able to experience different training conditions.

The attendance of the theory course for the sport boat licence inland and sea navigation is strongly recommended. This course is liable to pay costs and must be booked separately.

Please contact the responsible person in our team for further information.