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Sport Trips

Erlebnis Sportreise
Erlebnis Sportreise
Image Credit: ZE Hochschulsport

Sport trips while studying are offering the chance for special events and experiences in student communities. By offering excursions and vacation tours University Sports will contribute to the development of an open and integrative culture at the university. The intense common experiences during a sports trip bring about identification with the university, durable social ties, and lasting memories long after completed studies.                                

For future times, University Sports plan to organize sport trips with special regard to the characteristics of student communities in that interchange and togetherness will be developed and supported in a particular manner. Therefore, our future offer in sport trips will be revised with regard to concept and published on this website.

The present purview of sport trips can be found here.

A purview of tournaments and contests organized by other national and international universities can be found under further contests and tournaments.