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Volleyball Bundesliga
Spitzensport Volleyball
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The Freie Universität Berlin is member of the compound system for the promotion of top sports at universities in Berlin. Basis in concerning to this matter is the cooperation contract with the olympic support base camp in Berlin. In this contract the special needs of student top athletes for mastering the “dual career” in athletics and university education are being acknowledged by the respective university.

In 2011 the eight member universities have been awarded by the DOSB for their successful work within the compound system. Since 2011, Freie Universität Berlin is bearing the title „University of Top Sports in 2010“.

In the framework of their legal possibilities Freie Universität Berlin is supporting student athletes with an A-, B-, C-, or special cadre status and is offering assistance in the flexibility in studies.

Representative for top sport promotion at Freie Universität Berlin and addressee for all questions concerning the support of a „dual career“ is the general manager of University Sports, Mr. Jörg Förster.

With regard to the development and improvement of structures for a „dual career“, University Sports participate in various sport committees on the international (EAS membership), national (adh working group for the promotion of top sport at universities), as well as local level by cooperating in „Round Table for Top and Competitive Sports in Berlin“.

Successful top athletes at the Freie Universität Berlin are among others:

  • Lena Andersch (Hockey)
  • Pit Arnold (Hockey)
  • Max Bädelt (Hockey)
  • Maximilian Donnermeyer (Hockey)
  • Yannik Lebherz (Swimming)
  • Ulrike Törpsch (Rowing)
  • Julia Richter (Rowing)