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PausenExpress FU Berlin
PausenExpress FU Berlin
Image Credit: ZEH
Lageplan PausenExpress
Lageplan PausenExpress
Image Credit: ZEH

The "PausenExpress" is meant to be an active break for employees of Freie Universität Berlin. At the time booked, the trainer or female trainer will come directly to your place of work and offers a 15-minute program per week consisting of mobilization, strengthening, stretching, and relaxation for small groups of 4-8 persons. The program is focussed on shoulder, neck, and back areas. This health-seeking course offer gives opportunity for you to become active, to forget about the daily work routine, and to go back to your work with renewed enthusiasm.

Each office team can book one "PausenExpress" lesson per week and can determine the room for the training. A change of clothes is not required. "PausenExpress" is being supported by the university management and is a no-cost offer of University Sports.

New registration procedure since 2014  

The Campus Dahlem and Steglitz sites have been divided into different zones marked in color (orange, blue, green, and red). When the team has found the own site with the appertaining color, the team chief can book a time permittted for this color under „"PausenExpress" Winter in the regular sports program. Don't forget to indicate the team name, number of team members, and the exact location.

Subsequently, we will send a password to the team chief, which all team members must use for registration. Not until then registration for the "PausenExpress" will be complete.

Please find the colored PauseExpress site plan here!

Short and crisp

1. Form a team and determine a team chief

2. Identify your own location on the site plan here

3. Book an appointment here

4. Wait for feedback and password and register all team members for the booked appointment here

5. Completed!

In case you have more than 8 team members we suggest that you register a second group. Each team resp. team member can register only one time! We therefore recommend to register a second team. All courses will take place on the FU Campus Dahlem / Steglitz (site will be indicated on the confirmation). Please state the exact location/room for your "PausenExpress" team!


In case of accident employees will not have insurance coverage via FU Berlin since this is not a work accident. Although the "PausenExpress" is an offer of Freie Universität for employees, participation is voluntary and cannot be assessed as official working time. Therefore, participation must be prorated to the private domain of the employee.


Please help us to optimise the "PausenExpress". The Online Feedback Sheet for all group members who have been active in "PausenExpress" Winter 2013/2014, "PausenExpress" Spring 2014 and "PausenExpress" Summer 2014. Many thanks to all those who already filled in a feedback sheet. At the moment we only got a german version of the Online Feedback Sheet - Please contact us for some help. We highly appreciate your support!

Current issues

  • The "PausenExpress" Sommer 2015 (01/06/15 - 31/07/15) online registration starts on the 28th of April, 12.00 pm here
  • Registration is possible until the 11th of May 2015, 12.00 pm
  • Registration procedures for "PausenExpress" have been changed (see above information) since 2014