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For employees of the Freie Universität, the offer of the KRAFTKLUB is part of the health promotion program of Freie Universität Berlin and can be reimbursed through FUndament Gesundheit.

Test training at KRAFTKLUB

During our test training you can get an impression of our KRAFTKLUB to know what you can expect. A brief guide through the KRAFTKLUB provides an overview of the existing equipment. The trainer team provides comprehensive information on the training possibilities and modalities and also shows the one or the other exercise.

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Free training at KRAFTKLUB

The free training use at the gym KRAFTKLUB is available with various durations. Interested persons can choose between a period of use for one month, three or six months. This offer is customer-oriented, without application fees and without automatic contract extension.
Admission requirements for the free use is completing a one-hour training planning session or a introduction course.

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Training planning session at KRAFTKLUB

The training planning is madatory for new members, in order to be able to use the KRAFTKLUB for free training. (Participants of the introduction courses are excluded.)

Whether beginner or experienced in training, the training planning session is geared to the individual training goal. The coach will draw up a training plan, which can be also adjusted during free training upon request. Beginners will be taught selected exercises with and without equipment and training-experienced members may have checked up their techniques or can try new training methods and devices.
The booking of a period of use must already have been made to the date.

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Introduction course at KRAFTKLUB

The beginners course for the use of the KRAFTKLUB for free training is aimed at persons who have no experience in training at a gym and using fitness equipment. Over a period of four weeks a profound guidance for independent training will be given to a small group of four participants. Training goals will be recorded and individual training plans will be created along with the coach. The coach gives an insight in training methods and training planning and supports during the first four weeks of training.

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