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Elena Moci
Elena Moci
Bildquelle: Elena Moci

Elena was born in Rome on 25 June 1987 and devoted herself to the sport soon. She learned to swim at 5 years in the sea of Liguria and Sardinia. During high school she practiced volleyball, water polo and triathlon. She practiced triathlon for 2 years with good results at the provincial, regional and national levels.

Then she graduated from the University of Sports Sciences in Rome and she took a European master's degree in health and physical activity with mark A. She taught courses in pilates and spine gymnastics in Rome. She always liked swimming, in fact her favorites elements are water and air.

She also practiced aerial acrobatics and in particular trapeze and silks that she met for the first time in 2008 during the Erasmus in Leon, Spain.

Her fancy, however, is climbing, that she started to practice outdoors and in the gym in Italy, and she continues also in Germany. Until now she reached VII+ in lead climbing.

In October she won a scholarship of 6 months from the Project Leonardo Job in Europe and she decided to spend it at the University Sports of the Freie Universität. Her internship started in February 2013 and it will end in July.

Elena is involved in the internationalization of the University Sports and she is taking care of the international students´ sport needs. She is giving classes of pilates, spine gymnastic and she is also a personal trainer support for international students in the new “Kraft Klub”.

Sport is not only her job but her passion and her life is inspired  by the English motto “use it or lose it”.